Vissen voeren Fort Kijkduin

Guided tours and fish feeding rounds

Due to covid-19 there are no tours and feed presentations. Privatetours are possible.

Guided tours through Fort Kijkduin

A visit to Fort Kijkduin is extra fun and fascinating with a tour of one of our guides! Learn all about the fort and its history. Who used to live here? What was the purpose of the fort? Why was the fort built? Our guides will tell you anything you want to know!

The tours are offered at fixed times and you can join for free. Prefer a private tour? A private guide can be booked for € 20 per tour.

Times of the tour

During weekends and school holidays at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00.
On weekdays and outside school holidays at 13:00.

Guided tours are subject to change availability of our voluntary guides. Want to book a guided tour in English or German? Please make a reservation first. 


Fish feed rounds

Always wanted to see how the fish are fed? At Fort Kijkduin, an employee takes you through the aquarium and feeds the fish and tells you everything about the life of this animals.

During weekends, holidays and public holidays, there are feeding rounds in the aquarium at 12:30 PM, 2:30 PM and 3:30 PM.
There are no feed presentations on Fridays.

Feed fish yourself!

Did you miss a fish presentation? You can also try it yourself! At the aquarium there is a fish feeder where you can buy some shrimps or mussels for € 1 per bag. With the shrimp you can feed the sharks by hand! And you can feed the mussels to the rays. Food is also offered for the spectacular walk-through tunnel-aquarium, these enthusiastic fish can splash you!
The following applies to the automatic for fish: when the dinner for fish is sold out we can’t provide more. We can’t let our fish get too fat!

Due to the coronavirus it is not possible to offer guided tours and feeding rounds during this period. It is possible to book a private tour with your own family. Please contact Fort Kijkduin.