The history of the fortress, its residents and the environment, are the centre of the museum. Experience here a preview of our museum!

Beech 3. The cantine

The cantine inside the fortress was the centre of entertainment and joy. Many strong stories have been told here and are still being told but now under other circumstances.

Beech 4. The armoury

The weaponry was getting bigger and better throughout the centuries. We show a large number of examples of it in our armoury.

Beech 5. Soil discoveries and remains

You can learn history from different angles. Sometimes you learn the past only from books, paintings or stories and sometimes from things you will find in the ground or maybe even at a flea market. Complete utensils or other articles, but also pieces or loose parts can tell you what people thought and what they did in the past. And sometimes it seems that not much haschanged.

Beech 5b. The construction site

A lot has changed over the years at fortress Kijkduin. The second phase recovery is ready and the end result is beautiful with a spectacular fortress with architectural styles from a 200-year period.

Beech 5c. The beginning and how it went…

Fortress Kijkduin was used by various military units, like French sailors and gunners of the coastal artillery around 1900, under varying conditions. Those military units brought their own arms and utensils. There were also expansions and modifications.. It wasn’t always safe, but with an ultimate objective: to defend the site and port of the Royal Navy.

Beech 6. We do not join in

That has been the motto of the kingdom of the Netherlands. This is named: ‘’We are neutral’’. But this is not happening without a fight and you have to have your defences up to date, because the enemy, whoever that may be, wants to secretly surprise you in an unpleasant way.
And then there is the boredom..

Beech 7. And so you become an evacuee

The second world war was a difficult period for Den Helder. The vast majority of the inhabitants were forced to leave and become evacuees. After this, a lot has happened in Den Helder that we do not like to remember. After returning, they found an empty city, largely ruined and without occupying forces, because they were just deported.

Beech 8. And then it was over

Joy at the end of the war but that also meant the end of Fortress Kijkduin as a military object. On the one hand, Den Helder in reconstruction and on the other hand the fortress in decadence. When would this process be stopped…