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Opening hours & entrance fees

Opening hours

The museum and the North Sea aquarium are in wintertime open from 11:00 ’till 17:00.

In summertime, the fortress is daily opened in high season from 10:00 to 17:00.

Exceptions in 2024:
8th of January 2024 – medio March 2024 closed due renewings.

The 31st of December 2024 closed
The first of January 2025 closed

Due to renewings the fortress will be closed from the 8th of January untill medio March 2024.

Tickets Fort Kijkduin
Bezoeker Prijs
Adults € 11,-
Children 4/12 years old € 9,50
Seniors 65+ € 10,-
Children 0/3 Free
Combitickets Fort Kijkduin & Atlantikwall Centrum
Visitor Price
Adults € 15,-
Children 6/12 years € 12,-
Seniors 65+    € 13,50

With these tickets you can visit both Fort Kijkduin and the Atlantikwall Centrum. The tickets are valid for seven days, starting from the day of purchase.

Want to learn more about the Atlantikwall Centrum? Visit the website!

Season tickets
Visitor Price
Children 4/12 years € 40,-
Adults € 45,-

The season tickets can be ordered by:

Guided tours

A visit to Fort Kijkduin is made even more fun and fascinating with a tour by one of our guides! Learn all about the fort and its history. Who used to live here? What was the purpose of the fort? Why was the fort built? Our guides will tell you everything you need to know!

Soort Prijs
Guided tour with a private guide € 20,-

Due to the coronavirus, we can only allow tours booked with your own household.

A private tour costs an additional €20,-

Guided tour subject to change due to availability of guides.

Fort Kijkduin is located in Huisduinen near Den Helder. You can easily reach the museum by bicycle via the dunes. You can park for free at the museum.
View our location on Google Maps here. In summer you can easily visit us with the Kustbus.

Fort Kijkduin is accessible for wheelchairs and prams. 
Dogs and other pets are not allowed 
Fort Kijkduin is located in the dunes. From the fort you can make various walking and cycling routes through the Helderse Duinen. For more information about this beautiful area, you can visit the Landscape Noord-Holland website.