kinderfeestje fort kijkduin

Kids parties

Something to celebrate with the kids?

This is possible at the most exciting fortress of the Netherlands!

  • Visiting with or without accompaniment
  • Access to the museum and aquarium
  • Join a thrilling treasure hunt in and around the fortress

We have four different treasure hunts. Check them out below!

1. In search of the lost treasure of Jaap de Lange

An adventurous journey in which you search for treasure with a soldier of Napoleon!

On arrival, the soldier will read you a letter from the crook who stole the treasure. On the basis of this letter you go through the dark corridors of the fort in search of more hints until the treasure is found again. Then the children will get some candy and lemonade while the parents can get a cup of tea or coffee. At the end, the children are allowed to feed the sharks… if they dare.

Duration Approximately 2,5 hours
Age From 4 to 12 years
Fees €10,- per child and the parents of the birthday child have free entrance. €20,- extra for the guide

Caution! The kidsparty will also be outside. Make sure to wear some good shoes!

2. An exciting treasure hunt through Fort Kijkduin

  • Find the mice (for 4 to 6 years)
  • Find the birds (for 6 to 12 years old)
  • The secrets of Fort Kijkduin (from 7 years)

This treasure hunt is on your own. The children search through the entire fort for the mice, the birds or by means of signs on the wall to discover the secrets of the fort. The birthday boy can feed the sharks by hand … if you dare!

Duration approximately 2,5 hours
Fees €10,- per child and the parents of the birthday child have free entrance.

Reservations we would like to receive 5 days in advance

For more information and reservations call (+31)223 612366.